Gift Purchase: Beginner Quilter Class

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Purchase the Beginner Quilters class as a gift for someone else...

Your recipient will get full access to Phillipa Naylor's Beginner Quilters Class which they can watch whenever they want, and as often as they want.

The class is currently available at the discounted price of $25 (Usual price $33).

We need to know:

YOUR first name , last name and email address for purchase notifications and any queries we may have.

The RECIPIENTS full name and email address so we can set up an account for them on quilters question time.

It is a manual process for us to set up the account, so please allow up to 24 hours for this to be completed.

You can choose whether we will send them their joining details today (which might spoil a surprise) or whether we send the joining details to you for you to send to them on the appropriate day.

Note: If you want to gift the class to multiple people the order form only allows one gift at a time to be ordered, but you can place multiple orders or contact

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